Lesley's Girls Vintage

Gift Voucher (in multiples of £5)

Not sure what to buy for the vintage lover in  your life?  Get them a Lesley's Girls gift voucher and let them choose!

Gift Vouchers are available for any amount  from £5 upwards. Just select the number of vouchers for the amount you want (i.e. for £20 voucher select 4) 
The gift voucher will be personalized and sent out to you to send to the recipient in your own way. Gift vouchers expire after 12 months.

Gift Vouchers can only be cancelled by the purchaser within 1 hour of purchase. Unwanted Gift Vouchers can not be returned and voucher codes can not be used to purchase another gift voucher.

Items bought using gift vouchers can be returned or exchanged but not refunded, only additional monies paid over and above the gift voucher will be refunded and a new gift voucher code will be issued. When a new gift voucher is issued it will expire on the same date as the original gift voucher.

If you spend more than your gift voucher value you can pay the additional money at checkout, if you spend less than the gift voucher value you will have a credit balance to use later using a new voucher code that will be issued to you after checkout.

Using your gift voucher is easy just enter your unique code at checkout.